Down in the garden…where the fun begins: is a journey through the eyes of a child engaging with insects in the garden, the joy and surprise from each encounter connects the child with nature and the joy of exploration and imagination.

Every morning when I wake up” is about a little child morning journey from opening their eyes to jumping out of bed, and all the funny quirky activities they do each day, often without thinking about them.

The story builds the activities of waking up into a fun and repetitive action story that engages and excites a young reader.

Each page from opening their eyes with a POP, to shouting “GOOD MORNING EVERYBODY”, is full of action and excitement.

“What’s the weather like today” is about a child’s awareness and engagement with the types of weather and what action or movement that weather inspires in them.

The story starts each morning when they wake up and how that weather comes to life for them.

The story builds an awareness of different weather patterns and creates an understanding of the world they live in by engaging with the weather characters each day.

I started writing fun and catchy children’s books many years ago to communicate concepts and actions that I wanted to role model to the children, this led me on a journey of speaking to EAL (English as another language) learners in a fun and rhythmical fashion. I found that the children walked away humming or singing the rhythm of the book I’d just read or the catchy song with actions, all leading to them retaining more English and feeling more confident.

Years before that I’d read similar books to my 0-3 children in centres and found that they were engaged and excited by the sounds and actions.

My first three books are engaging, simple, fun and repetitive about things that they see and do on a regular basis, teamed with fun catchy actions. I have read my books to very young children 0-3 years with lots of smiles and giggles, as well as with slightly older children where English is not their first language. The beauty of my books is that as the concepts are so simple and known to children they can alter and change the story with different actions, great fun for imagination and building strong confident life long learners.