I’m an Early Years educator from Australia and have spent 35 years of my working life in Early Learning Centres and Kindergartens in Australia, United Kingdom, Nepal, Hong Kong and China.

Over the years working in Australia and around the world one aspect has always excited and surprised me, and that the willingness and need for engagement with each other no matter the age, language barriers or socio-economic situation we all seek to engage and have fun.

A large portion of my working life I have spent with the 0-3 age and thoroughly enjoyed the verbal and quite often non verbal communication with these lovely little humans, they have taught me so much about myself, so much so I realised that it’s not only what you do or say to another person but how you make them feel that is most important especially from young children where communication can be limited.

I have always enjoyed reading engaging and fun books with the children, and on many occasions created variations on the stories they enjoyed engaging them and getting them creating more.

That lead me to writing my first three books, my books are designed for 0-3-year old’s and/or children where English is not their main language. I’m a strong believer in the fact that children learn and retain information when it’s fun, active and engaging, so my books use fun and repetitive actions in a rhythmical pattern, that last long after the book is finished.