Below are some of the art projects I have completed.

Pop Art Project
Games Institute members were 3D scanned, modeled, rendered and colorized and hung on the walls.
Canvas A, inspired by the work of Andy Warhol seeks to both document GI members in a playful way and provide artwork for the walls of the Games Institute.
Canvas B shows 9 more members in a pop art style
3D scans and 3D model cleanup was done by Victor Cheung. The 3D models were then rendered into grayscale images, as well a set of sketch-like lines.
I wrote custom image editing software which broke the image into grayscale regions. Then regions were colored such that each color would be about equally represented in the final image, with darker regions being colored with darker color
Macro Image Sets
Small 5'x5' paintings of macro photos
Fruit Set: Apple. kiwi and lemon on the left. Peach, strawberry and lime on the left.
Flower set: Hibiscus, rose and lily in blue and red.
4 dewdrops with the same peony reflected in them.
Multiple dewdrops caught in the grass.
Gerbera daisy refracted in a dew drop.
Game Heroes
Constellation paintings of video game heroes
Kerrigan from Starcraft
Sora from Kingdom Hearts
Rosalina, from various Nintendo games
Master Chief from Halo
Flower Centers
Paintings of 6 different flowers
The full set, from left to right, top to bottom: columbine, rose, cosmo, tulip, daisy, gerbera daisy.
Blue columbine
Red rose
Light lavender colored cosmo
Yellow tulip with orange detail in the center
Daisy center
Orange gerbera daisy.
3D Printed Clock
As a beginner 3D printing project, we modelled, printed, painted and assembled a Kingdom Hearts themed clock.
The final product. This working clock keeps time and has a swinging pendulum. The inside is gilded with (faux) silver foil. Each part was carefully handpainted and then assembled together. This project was done with Brett Watson.
All the parts before painting and assembly.
The 2.5 inch long KH keyblade pendulum
The front face of the clock. The heart/chains were printed and in a single piece and did not need to be assembled together.
The case, after painting and gilding. Here you can see how shiny the inside is when covered by the silver foil.
Here you can see all the detail on Sora, the main character in Kingdom Hearts.