Vortex Mountain

In Vortex Mountain, school children exercise and learn at the same time. Players play minigames which require physical exertion and deliver educational content.

Vortex Mountain is a classroom exergame that strives to deliver educational content as well as encourage short bursts of exercise. The game is geared towards Grade 7s. In the game, groups of students are unlocking computer stations to prevent a virus from destroying the world.


Educational Game


Gr. 6 and 7



Our mini games used the Kinect and exerbikes to facilitate exercise. Students were required to run, do jumping jacks, crouch and pedal. We simulated the climb up Vortex Mountain by detecting aerobic step exercises using the Wii Fit Boards.
To unlock a computer station they must solve a small word scramble through a variety of minigames. The word scramble question and answers are related to educational content (in our case we used English comprehension). If the team fails a mini game they must climb Vortex Mountain to go back in time and retry.